Catering Services

Our kitchen staff at the Circle S Ranch provides the quality and variety of dining options you would expect from a leading hospitality destination.

Please allow this menu to serve as your starting point when planning your special event. Once you have chosen a few items that you find appealing, let us know. We will send you a detailed proposal for your event based on your dining choices, the size of your event, and the specific services you have requested.

Hors d’ oeuvres | Call for pricing

  • Basket variety of European bakery breads
  • Vegetables with ranch dip
  • Cubed cheese with crackers
  • Fresh fruit
  • Gourmet imported cheese platter
  • Fresh guacamole, tortilla chips and salsa
  • Cocktail sandwiches with a variety of meats
  • Mediterranean humus with pita wedges
  • Barbecue meatballs
  • Quesadilla triangles with Monterrey jack cheese
  • Hot artichoke dip with pita wedges
  • Italian sausage stuffed mushrooms
  • Gorgonzola cheese and walnut stuffed mushrooms
  • Mini quiche – ham & cheese or 3 cheese
  • Layered Mexican dip

Tray Options | Call for pricing

  • Vegetable tray with ranch dip
  • Cubed cheese tray with crackers
  • Fresh fruit trays
  • Puff pastry baked brie with apricots
    served with gourmet crackers
  • Carved watermelons
  • Assorted chocolate trays

Casual Dining | Call for pricing

Choices include appropriate side items and dessert

  • Traditional club sandwiches
  • Turkey and avocado wraps
  • Italian lasagna
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Sandwiches meat trays
  • Hamburgers, hotdogs and brats
  • Grilled chicken sandwiches

Dinner | Call for pricing

Choices include appropriate side items

  • Tortellini bar with zesty roasted pepper sauce
    and creamy Parmesan sauce
  • Tender marinated pork tenderloin
  • Herb roasted Atlantic salmon
  • Marinated grilled chicken
  • Ranch mixed grill steak, chicken and pork
  • Beef tenderloin

Slow Cooked Specialties
We are proud of our slow cooked meat and fish items. We can slow cook almost anything

  • Whole side of salmon
  • Beef brisket, beef tenderloin, beef ribs
  • Half chickens
  • Pork ribs, pork chops
  • Pulled pork roast
  • Country ribs
  • Sausages

The Real Enchilada
Ask us about our Southwest specialties including fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, tacos and more.

Available but are not limited to:

  • Apple pie
  • Cheesecake
  • Carrot cake
  • Brownies
  • Sorbet
  • S’mores – to go with your barbecue dinner and bonfire!

Current Drink List
Beverages Call for pricing

  • Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Bottled Water -
  • Iced tea, lemonade, iced water -

Note: The Circle S now has a new wine selection. Ask for current availability and pricing on all wines.


  • By the bottle: Call for pricing
  • Note: Full kegs contain 120 – 16 oz. servings
  • Note: The Circle S now has a new beer list. Ask for current availability.

Mixed Drinks, Brands and Prices: Call for pricing

  • Premium Drinks 4 oz. servings:
  • Well Drinks 4 oz. servings:
  • Non Alcoholic Drinks 6 oz. servings:

Premium Drink List:
Crown Royal, Jack Daniel’s, Makers Mark Bourbon, Dewar’s Scotch, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Beefeaters Gin, Tangueray Gin, Skyy Vodka, Bacardi Rum, Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum, Amaretto DiSaronno, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua, Southern Comfort, Franqelico, Grand Marnier, Chambor, and Tequila – 1800 Reposado, Patron & House.

Well Drinks:

  • bourbon
  • scotch
  • gin
  • vodka
  • rum
  • tequila

Garden Social:
In addition to the drink list, we also have available the Garden Party. The Garden Party is a gathering under the large oak trees on the front lawn that gives your guests a chance to greet each other. It also provides that cushion of time needed for those fashionably late guests. We will provide a beverage station that includes your choice of refreshments. Choose from lemonade, sangria, mimosas, or whatever suits your fancy. If your group is having dinner with us that evening, the dinner bell may be rung and you will be escorted to the dining area for the service of your meal.
Special requests: Please let us know if you have any special requests that are not included in our current menu. Please let our staff know if anyone in your group has food allergies or dietary restrictions.

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