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When you make your reservation, be sure to book a massage!

Massage and Spa Men

Rolling Hills – Swedish Massage
Swedish Massage combines gliding, kneading, and cross-fiber friction to break up muscle knots. Best used for Relaxation.

  • 30 min – $60
  • 60 min – $80
  • 90 min – $100

Deep Wood – Bamboo Massage
Bamboo Massage is the use of treated bamboo canes that can be used warmed or at room temperature. This allows deeper level of massage. This is for the person that likes a very deep tissue massage.

  • 60 min – $100
  • 90 min – $120

Whispering Chime – Tuning Fork Therapy
Swedish Massage is used to locate the areas the Tuning Forks will help loosen knots in the muscle. This is for the person who finds a deep tissue massage a little too uncomfortable.

  • 60 min – $100
  • 90 min – $120

Garden Breeze – Herbal Wrap
Herbs and Massage lotion is used to create this detoxing Treatment. Swedish Massage is used to apply the Herbal product, the body is then wrapped. After wraps are taken off a moisturizing lotion is applied.

  • 90 min – $120

Also available to add into your Section

  • Hand and /or Foot Paraffin Wrap – $20
  • Elbow and/or Knee Paraffin Wrap – $20
  • Face and Scalp Massage – $20
  • Cool Stone Treatment – $20
  • Chakra Stones – $20

For packages of 2 guests or more, enjoy your choice of the following between services:

  • Hot or Ice Tea & Cookies
  • Cheese & Crackers and Sparkling Lemonade or Cucumber Water.

Spa Hours:

  • (by appointment only)
  • Call today for your appointment.
  • (Prices subject to change without notice)

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