Wedding & Reception Policies

Contracted Venue and Times
The bride, groom, and decorating party are welcome to arrive at the Circle S Ranch as early as 11am on the day of their reserved date(s) in order to decorate the reserved venue(s), utilize two rooms at the Inn, and to take photos.  If you choose the package that includes an overnight stay, the rooms at the Inn will be ready for check in no later than 3pm.  Circle S Ranch requests that the bride and groom limit the number of people present prior to the ceremony to those assisting the bride and groom with the decorating, to the wedding party, and to those who will be photographed

Wedding and Reception Venue Fee For The Big Event and the Exclusive Day Packages
The wedding and reception venue fee includes the exclusive use of the wedding garden area, the party barn for your wedding reception (last call is at 11:30pm and receptions are over by midnight), and the 12 rooms in the Inn for one or two night stay with breakfast included in the mornings and if applicable on the Big Event Package a lunch for up to 30 guests.  Included in the fee is the set up and cleanup of our tables, chairs, linens, plates, silverware, glassware, bar items, cake service, and the services of our professional staff.  Set up for up to 200 guests is included, we can provide for up to 500 guests for an additional fee. It does not include the set up or cleanup of items brought in by guarantor or vendors.

Prairie Garden Wedding and Reception Only Venue Fee
The reception only venue fee includes the use of the Party Barn for a (5) five hour reception, the garden area for the wedding for (1) hour ceremony and (1) hour rehearsal in the wedding garden the week prior to your wedding. Included in the fee is the set up and cleanup of our tables, chairs, linens, plates, silverware, glassware, bar items, cake service, and the services of our professional staff. Set up for 20o guests is included, we can provide for up to 500 guests for an additional fee.  It does not include the set up or cleanup of items brought in by guarantor or vendors.

Additional Reception Time/ Additional Bar
In the event additional venue time is desired, guarantor may purchase additional time in half hour increments.  If additional bar time is desired it may also be purchased in half hour increments, and is in addition to the additional venue time purchased.  If guarantor would like we do offer for an additional bar to be set up for a fee, and there will also be an additional bartender fee.

Guaranteed Number of Guests
In order to maintain the gorgeous ranch, it is necessary for Circle S Ranch to require a minimum number of adult guests be guaranteed for all events.  The guaranteed minimum number of adult guests applies to all food and beverage selections and all food and beverages must be purchased from the same menu for all guests.

Non-Refundable Reservation and Deposit Agreement
The venue(s) fee becomes the non-refundable deposit.  To hold a date is $2000 and is applied to the non-refundable deposit.  Circle S Ranch will assign a payment plan for the remainder of the estimate that is due, based on 80% of the estimate.  Payments are due on the first of every month.  If the payments are not received by Circle S Ranch by the 1st of every month a late fee of 5% is added and the event may be cancelled.

Circle S Ranch tastings are scheduled at an agreed upon time between the guarantor and Circle S Ranch and Country inn, Inc.  If the bride and groom would like to schedule a tasting they may bring up to 8 people with them there is a $20 per person fee.  You must make reservations for the tastings, please call the Circle S Ranch and Country Inn and we can make arrangements for you.

Food and Beverage Policies
The preparation and service of food and beverages at Circle S Ranch is subject to state license regulations.  Therefore, food and beverages may not be brought into the facility with the exception of wedding cake, mints, snacks, non-alcoholic beverages to be consumed while the bridal party is preparing for the wedding and/or reception. In accordance with state licensing all unconsumed food and beverages will be disposed by Circle S Ranch.  Guarantor will not be allowed to take unconsumed food off the premises and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may alcoholic beverages be removed from the property.

All food and beverage costs are in addition to the venue(s) fee and must be purchased from the same menu for all guests.  Our head chef will be happy to answer any menu questions as well as help you plan you menu.  Once the minimum number of guests has been met we do offer a discount for children, half price of the menu chosen for children between the ages of (6) six and (12) twelve.  There will not be a charge for children under the age of (5) five.  Menu and beverage selections should be finalized at least 3 months prior to your event.  With the exception of additions, all menu selections are final 2-weeks prior to your event.

Gratuity and Sales Tax
There will be a 20% gratuity and 7.3% sales tax added to all food and a 10% KS Liquor tax added to all beverage charges.

We DO NOT add gratuity to the venue fees.

Payment Schedule

  1. Signing of contract and reserving your date:   $2000.00 non-refundable deposit to hold the date.
  2. Monthly payment plan based on 80% of your estimate
  3. The venue fee becomes the non-refundable deposit

Changes to the estimated number of guests may be made up to (2) two weeks prior to the reserved date.  Costs will be recalculated for the final payment.  If the estimated number of guests goes down the costs will be recalculated as long as the minimum number of adult guests is met.  Increases the number of guests may be added up to 24 hours prior to your event.

Payment Methods
For convenience when reserving a date, Circle S Ranch, accepts MasterCard or Visa for the initial deposit.  All other payments must be made by cashier’s check, money order, personal check, or cash.  A 5% late fee will be assessed on all late payments.  There will be a $50 charge assessed on all returned checks.  All costs must be paid in full two weeks prior to the reserved date.

Cancellation Policy
The entire venue(s) fee becomes the non –refundable “deposit”.  In the unfortunate event the reserved date must be cancelled, for any reason, at any time prior to the event, no portion of the deposit may be refunded.  However, if the entire venue fee has been paid up to 50% of payments made towards the food and beverages may be refunded.  If payments are not made in accordance with the payment schedule out lined above, Circle S Ranch reserves the right to cancel the reserved event.

Damage Deposit
The damage deposit for your reserved event is $500 and is in addition to the venue fee(s).  A separate check in the amount of $500 will be collected and held until after your event.  This is due at time of initial reservation of the date.  If no damages or additional expenses are accrued in connection with your event your original deposit check will be returned to you.  If damages or additional expenses are accrued in connection with your event your check will be cashed for whatever portion necessary and any unused funds will be returned.  If damage repair costs exceed the damage deposit amount guarantor agrees to pay for repair of damages by a professional contractor.  Guarantor assumes all responsibility for any damages done to the premises by guests or independent contractors.

Wedding and Reception Supervisor
A wedding and/or reception supervisor will be present for you rehearsal, and your reception.  You will meet you assigned supervisor (3) three weeks prior to your wedding and/or reception and she will go over all the details of your wedding and reception at that time.  Please bring the names and numbers of all the independent contractors to this meeting.  This reception supervisor serves as a supervisor for the Circle S Ranch employees and is not to be considered a wedding coordinator for your event.  We do offer wedding coordination for your event for $30 an hour.

Guest Rooms at the Inn
If you choose the wedding package that includes the (12) twelve guest rooms for a (1) one night stay, the maximum number of guests is (30) thirty.  The package includes (24) twenty-four adults for Breakfast and staying in the Inn.  Any guests over the (24) twenty-four is an additional fee.  Additional guests are $25 per guest per night, and additional breakfast is $9 per guest.  Breakfast is served at 9:00a.m.  Please feel free to bring in snacks and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests to enjoy.  We do offering additional snacks and drinks at the Inn for a fee.  Our staff will not enter the guest rooms for any reason unless requested by a guest or an emergency.

Guarantor and their independent vendors may arrive as early as 11am on their reserved date in order to decorate the wedding area, and/or the party barn.  Takedown and removal of all personal items, decorations, and flowers must be completed with-in (1) one half hour after the end of your event so that we may prepare for the next event.  It is the responsibility of all the florists and decorators to pick up their belongings at the end of the event unless guarantor has agreed to do that for them.  Set up and cleanup of all flowers and decorations are the responsibility of the guarantor.  Our staffs DOES NOT assist with this responsibility.

Please do not use the following when decorating (unless prior approval from your wedding coordinator):  wires, staples, nails, non-removal tape, confetti, glitter.  Sparklers and fireworks need PRIOR APPROVAL by your wedding coordinator.  We welcome the use of candles but they must be on trays or mirrors and the flame must be contained.  Votive’s are a great option.

Linen Upgrade
White, Black, or Ivory 80” by 80” tablecloths and white, black, or ivory napkins are included in the facility fee. However we do offer floor length in the same colors stated above for an additional fee.  The fee is $25 per table.

Guarantor is responsible for all clean up and removal of items and decoration brought on the Circle S Ranch.  This includes all flowers, flower petals, decorations, boxes, bags, etc.  The $500 damage deposit will be forfeited by guarantor if the reserved venue is left in an unacceptable manner, which will be determined by your assigned wedding and/or wedding coordinator.

Independent Contractors
Our staff will do everything possible to accommodate the needs of the independent contractors.  Independent contractors such as florists, decorators, photographers, and videographers, may perform their services pursuant to guarantor’s agreement, but must be in accordance with Circle S Ranch rules.  Under no circumstances is any independent contractor allowed to consume alcohol on any part of the Circle S Ranch premises before, during, or after the event.  D.J’s, bands, and photo booth contractors must provide Circle S Ranch with proof of insurance.  It is guarantor’s responsibility to notify independent contractors of these policies.

Alcohol and Bartender Policy
In accordance with state liquor laws, all alcohol without exception must be purchased through Circle S Ranch.  Under no circumstances may alcohol be brought onto the premises by guarantor, their guests, or independent contractors.  Any violation of this policy will result in forfeiture of the entire damage deposit and violator may be asked to leave the premises.  Kanas legal drinking age is (21) twenty-one years old and will be strictly enforced.  You event coordinator reserved the right to discontinue serving alcohol to any guest who appears inebriated, and also reserved the right to close down the bar, without refund, if she feels the event is out of control.  It is out desire that your guests have a good time, but the safety of the guests and staff is paramount.

The bar opens when your first guest arrives to the reception unless otherwise designated by guarantor.  Guarantor may choose to purchase additional host bar time in half hour increments, in addition to the agreed upon (5) five hour time limit, for the Prairie Garden Reception, or for the Exclusive Day or Big Event Packages the bar is over at Midnight.  Otherwise final call will be made (1) half hour prior to the end of your event.

Landscaping and Animals
Every year at the Circle S Ranch we strive to make the Ranch just as gorgeous as possible.  We are consistently changing the landscape and adding in new plants, trees, and gardens.  We will do our best but we cannot guarantee the landscaping will be the same as it was the date that you reserved the ranch.  Our goal is always to have the ranch looking as beautiful as possible, however circumstances out of our control such as excessive heat, cold, snow, ice, storms, wild animals like deer and raccoons, etc. can affect our landscaping and gardens.

At the Circle S Ranch, we do our best so that all the animals at the ranch are in a safe and controlled environment.  On occasion they are smart enough to get out of their pastures and wander around.  We do our best to swiftly get them back in.  We do not allow any outside animals such as dogs or cats on the property.  We do have a herd of Long Horn Cattle, Buffalo, Rodeo Bucking Bulls, Horses, and Ponies, and a Golden Retriever named Lucy.  Please stay out of all pastures, although these animals look cute and harmless, they are to be considered wild animals.  There may be times that the horses will be up by the red horse barn, the buffalo will be in the pasture close to the Inn, and the Long Horns will be down around the facility.  The Circle S Ranch is still considered a working ranch.  We will do our best not to move the animals during your stay, however sometimes it is unavoidable.   We offer tours of the ranch animals upon request, and we do reserve the right to access a fee for the tours.  We also offer horseback riding for a fee as weather permits.

Snow and /or Ice Removal
Circle S Ranch has our own snow removal and we will do everything possible to remove as much snow as possible and to plow the driveway as often as necessary.  However, if snow and ice continue throughout the day of your event it may be impossible to keep up with the snow and ice removal.  In addition, refunds WILL NOT are given if guests choose not to attend your event due to weather or if you feel you must cancel your event due to weather.